Superstar is present in 12 girl group photos, he never had money to eat, now he charges the highest, recognize?- CMB College

Superstar is present in 12 girl group photos, he never had money to eat, now he charges the highest, recognize?

Mumbai: In this photo that is going viral on social media, can you identify the simple looking pink saree girl standing at the fourth position in the top row? If not, let us give you some hints related to this. Today this girl has become the new definition of glamour, style and smartness and is ready to set foot in South cinema as well as Bollywood. The special thing is that this girl who is seen wearing a pink saree is loved by people of all ages. Recently, this actress was in the news for many reasons. From his divorce to his films, there were discussions about him everywhere.

One of his much talked about songs in the film released in 2021, to which everyone danced. We are talking about actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who made waves with the song ‘Oo Antwa’ from ‘Pushpa’. Yes, the girl seen wearing a pink saree in a group of 12 girls is none other than Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who started her career with modeling. But, due to financial constraints at this time, Samantha had to work a part-time job to meet the household expenses.

While modeling, Samantha got an offer for ‘Yeh Maya Chesso’ and her debut film turned out to be a big hit. Not only this, Samantha also won the Best Debut Actress award for her debut film. The actress said in an interview that she was very good at studies, but her parents did not have enough money to give her a good education. Due to which he himself was very disappointed.

Samantha had been suffering from myositis for some time, but she has recovered from this illness.

Samantha revealed in the same interview that her parents always told her to ‘study hard, because only after studying well you can do something big.’ Due to financial constraints, Samantha started doing odd jobs. Because the condition of his house was so bad that he did not even have money for food. In such a situation, he took the responsibility of the family upon himself and left his studies and turned to acting.

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