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Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, angry at Canada, advise Trudeau on discrimination

Canada India Rift: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s reaction has come amid ongoing tensions between Canada and India. PM Trudeau has made several allegations against India in the United Nations Human Rights Council. After this, India also asked Canada to deal with attacks on religious places and hate speech against minorities. Like India, diplomats from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh attacked Canada at the UN.

Like India, at the UN Human Rights Council, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh lashed out at Canada and advised it to deal effectively with the growing incidence of discrimination against minorities.

Bangladesh allegation
Abdullah Al Farhad, a Bangladeshi diplomat present at the United Nations, has urged Canada to effectively combat racism, hate speech, crimes against migrants, particularly discrimination against the Muslim minority. He has expressed concern over incidents of attacks on tourists and Muslim minorities.

However, Bangladesh praised Canada for its efforts to protect human rights and stop human trafficking, but said it should work effectively on carbon emissions and climate change measures.

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There was heavy rain in India too
Indian diplomat Mohammad Hussain, present at the UNHRC, lashed out at Canada. “We call on Canada to stop abusing freedom of expression,” he said during his speech. Ban groups that incite violence and promote extremism. Rules were made to prevent attacks on religious places. Bring in effective rules to ban hate crime and hate speech…’

What is Sri Lanka’s charge?
Thilini Jayasekara, a Sri Lankan diplomat present at the United Nations, has also urged Canada to take appropriate measures to combat racial discrimination against migrants’ rights. He also requested to take appropriate action against spreading of false information against minorities.

Sri Lanka also appreciated the assistance provided by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples during his visit to Sri Lanka, but insisted that Canada treat migrants fairly against racial discrimination and take appropriate measures to protect their health.

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