Even in the time of hunger, Pakistan is adopting the strategy of avanwa? Made $364 million selling arms to Ukraine, claims new report- CMB College

Even in the time of hunger, Pakistan is adopting the strategy of avanwa? Made $364 million selling arms to Ukraine, claims new report

Pakistan sold arms to Ukraine Pakistan has been accused of selling arms to Ukraine, which is at war with Russia, but the country has always denied this. Recently a report was published that Pakistan has earned 364 million US dollars by supplying ammunition to Ukraine. For this, last year, Pakistan signed an agreement with two private companies of America to sell weapons. He used British military cargo aircraft to supply these.

According to the report, the British cargo planes first flew from Noor Khan in Rawalpindi, Pakistan to the British military base in Akrotiri, Cyprus. From there, the military planes flew a total of five times to Romania to supply arms to Ukraine. However, Islamabad is denying this.

What is in the report?
The report claims that the contract was entered into with the American Federal Procurement Data System. According to this, Pakistan has requested the sale of 155 mm shells to America. “Global Army” And “Northrop Grumman” Had 2 contracts with named companies. These agreements were signed on August 17, 2022, providing arms to Ukraine.

The report said that these agreements were made during the rule of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). The then Pakistani army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, promised to take Pakistan-UK relations to “new heights”. Global Military was awarded the US$232 million contract, while Northrop Grumman was awarded the US$131 million contract.

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415 million dollar business
The report claims that these contracts expired last month i.e. in October 2023. Each time the plane took off from Noorkhan Airbase to a British military base in Cyprus and then to Romania. That too at a time when Russia was fighting a war in Romania’s neighboring country, Ukraine. Pakistan exported arms worth US$13 million in 2021-22, while these exports increased to US$415 million in 2022-23.

Pakistan’s denial
Islamabad said Pakistan maintained a policy of “strict neutrality” during the war. In that regard, no weapons or ammunition have been supplied to Ukraine. During a visit to Pakistan this July, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also dismissed reports that Pakistan was supplying weapons to Ukraine to support its military.

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