If the semi-final match is washed out, which teams will play the final, know what is the rule of ICC- CMB College

If the semi-final match is washed out, which teams will play the final, know what is the rule of ICC

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Now there are only three matches left for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, which is the knockouts. Which includes two semi finals and one final match. Four teams have been announced, which will play in the semi-finals. The first semi-final match will be played between India and New Zealand in Mumbai on November 15, while the second semi-final will be played between South Africa and Australia on November 16 in Kolkata. However, the question here is that if both the semi-final matches are interrupted due to rain and the match is washed out, between which teams will the final be played? You will find the answer to many such questions in this story.

According to the rules made by ICC regarding World Cup 2023, maximum emphasis will be given on getting the result of the match. If despite all efforts the match does not result, the playing condition will be carried forward and then the team will have the opportunity to move on. Though there is no shadow of rain over the semi-final matches to be held in Mumbai and Kolkata, but if nature so desires, the match may be washed away. Which two teams will play in the final in this situation is a big question, the answer to which few know the answer. If you are also a cricket fan then such questions must be running in your mind.

In fact, the playing conditions that have been drawn up for the World Cup 2023 have first mentioned that if rain interrupts the match on the first day and the match starts, the match will be played afresh on the next day. However, the umpires and match officials want to decide the outcome of the match on the first day itself and at least want to have a 20-20 over match before the cut-off time. If this is not possible then the match day will be canceled and the entire match will be held on the next day i.e. reserve day. An extra time of 120 minutes has also been given for the semi-finals and finals of the World Cup 2023.

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If the toss is held on the first day or a few overs are bowled and then rain comes and the match does not start, the rest of the match will be played on the next day. On the next day also, if rain becomes a hindrance, at least 20-20 over matches will be played and if that is not possible, the match will be called off (inconclusive) and in this case the team that scores. Points will earn a spot in the finals. was on top of the table. Therefore, if the first semi-final is cancelled, India will enter the final and if the second semi-final is cancelled, South Africa will enter the final. If the semi-final match is tied, a super over will be played until the result of the match is determined.

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