Jawan Movie: ‘Jawaan’ in Patna! Young people came to watch the movie with bandages on their heads and faces

Satchidananda/Patna. Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s film Jaawan has filled the hearts of elders and children with joy. After a banging start on the first day, the enthusiasm and craze for the film was worth seeing on the second day on Friday as well. The fans’ eagerness for ‘Jawaan’ was so much on the first day that the show was full house from morning till night. The situation remained the same the next day as well. All Jawan’s shows across the country, including Patna, the capital of Bihar, were full houses. Directed by Atlee, the film has taken a bumper opening. The opening figures are showing that King Khan has created a new record on the big screen. The charisma of the soldiers remained intact among the people even on the second day. Some skipped their exams and some skipped their prayers to watch a movie. Youths with bandages on their faces also tried to copy Shah Rukh Khan’s look.

A young man with a bandage on his face came to see Shahrukh Khan’s film Jaawan. The young man said that he wanted to come tomorrow, but could not come because of the exam. Today, while praying, I was wanting to come here. Finished Namaz quickly and went to watch the movie. At the same time, another young man said that I like Shahrukh’s hairstyle very much. That’s what I’m here to see.

Some youngsters tried to adopt Shahrukh Khan’s striped look. The youth even went to see the film with bandages on their faces. A lot of craze is being seen among the youth. A dialogue from Jawaan ‘Talk to the father before touching the son…’ is on everyone’s tongue. While Deepika Padukone’s hanging scene made people cry.

The film is being screened in many cinema halls in Patna

Jawan movie is screened in 13 cinema halls in Patna. Its 09 shows at Cinepolis, P&M Mall, 7 shows at INOX Ashok, 03 shows at Cinema Cafe Smart Theatre, 12 shows at Complex Smart Theatre, 06 shows at PKV Smart Cinema, 5 shows at Regent, 5 shows at Mona and Elphinstone. The film is running in many cinema halls including 6 shows. On the second day also the condition of every cinema hall was such that all were almost house full. Offline tickets are also available after a day.

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