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Not Aditya Chopra! Who is the secret of ‘Tiger 3’-‘Pathan’-‘Yuddha’, how was the plan of the spy universe prepared?

New Delhi. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif rocked the theaters this Diwali with ‘Tiger 3’. ‘Tiger 3’ is the fifth film in the YRF spy universe. Whose plan was to make this film ie Spy Universe with Pathan and War? Was this a figment of Aditya Chopra’s mind or was there someone else who had this shame in mind? You may be shocked to know this, but it is true that this concept of spy movies is not Aditya Chopra’s but someone else’s. Let’s find out today the secret of who that person is.

The crores and billions grossing Spy Universe franchise is the brainchild of Sridhar Raghavan, who is also associated with the superhit TV show CID. Let us tell you how and when the movies of Jasoos universe started…

What did Shridhar Raghavan suggest?
In fact, the YRF spy universe began in 2011 with ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. But the truth is that the spy universe started in the year 2023, when ‘Pathan’ was knocking. The story of two films was revolving in Aditya Chopra’s mind. But when Sridhar Raghavan developed the story during ‘Yuddha’, it was he who suggested linking these stories together. Raghavan thus acted as one of the universe creators, developing stories that brought together the worlds of ‘Tiger’, ‘Pathan’ and ‘Kabir’.

Sridhar Raghavan has also been a part of the famous show CID.

How Sridhar Raghavan joined the spy universe?
Only after ‘Pathan’, the official logo of Yash Raj Films’ Jasoos universe was also released. It was Sridhar Raghavan who suggested the main hero’s cameo in spy films. That’s why you saw the powerful cameo of ‘Tiger’ Salman Khan in ‘Pathan’. Kabir was also mentioned. Similarly now ‘Pathan’ Shahrukh Khan enters ‘Tiger 3’ to save Salman Khan. Also, it ends with ‘Kabir’ aka war hero Hrithik Roshan.

Sridhar Raghavan has been part of CID.
Sridhar Raghavan has also been a part of the famous show CID. He has been the show’s screenwriter and creative producer. He worked on the show for 91 episodes for 3 years. Apart from ‘Tiger 3’, ‘War’ and ‘Pathan’, he has worked as a writer in films like ‘The Night Manager’, ‘Shiddat’, ‘CID’ to ‘Aparaan’.

Who is Sridhar Raghavan’s brother?
Sridhar Raghavan’s brother is also a known name in the industry. Sridhar’s brother’s name is Sriram Raghavan. She is known for films like ‘Ek Haseena Thi’, ‘Johnny Gaddar’, ‘Agent Vinod’ and ‘Badlapur’. He also produced the film ‘Andhadhun’, which also won 3 National Awards. The film was successful at the box office by doing a business of 450 crore rupees.

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