OMG: Man married seven different girls in one day, two of them sisters; A target of 100 children has been set

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A man married 7 girls on the same day: A Ugandan man married seven different girls in one day. They also have two real sisters among them. Uganda’s famous traditional doctor Habib Nasikon recently got married, which is the talk of the town. Habib, 43, says he plans to have more wives so he can hit his target of 100 children. Talking about this, the man said, “There are very few of us in my family, so I want many children so that we can have a big family.” In preparation for his marriage, he gave each of his wives a new car and also gave several gifts to their parents, including motorcycles for the parents of both wives, who are sisters. This is not Habib’s first marriage as he already has a wife of seven years named Musanyusa.

Habib married each bride separately in traditional ceremonies at their home. This was followed by a reception, which was attended by all. The brides arrived in style amid a fleet of 40 limos and 30 motorcycles. Guests were treated to a spectacular concert and one attendee said, “Some people couldn’t believe it was real, others said it was their first time seeing such a program.”

‘Wives do not envy each other’
At the reception, Habib praised his wives, telling the guests, “My wives are not jealous of each other, I introduced them separately and married them all together to make one big happy family. After the wedding, Habib said, “I still am. A young man.” After the celebration, Habib and his wives were taken in a procession by cyclists and motorbikes, which then passed through local towns. According to Habib’s father, polygamy – which is legal in Uganda – is quite common in his family.

Other members of the family also married many girls.
He said, “My grandfather had six wives who lived in the same house, separated by a curtain. My own late father had five wives and I myself have four wives who live in the same house.” No family had fewer than seven marriages, and it is speculated that Habib married the most people in one day in Uganda. Records of wife marriages “This man of rare qualities settled in this village about four years ago. He came and bought land here and introduced me as a traditional healer. We let him do his business. When When he came here we didn’t know that he would bring us fame.Our village name is everywhere now.

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